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As a musician, it seemed like a natural progression into audio engineering because a performing musician interacts so closely with electronic equipment.  This was true back in the day when everything was analog, and it's even more so now in the digital age.  So over time, I became an expert, and I use my trained musician's ear to mix audio for groups and venues large and small.  Although I'm not available for touring, I will do the occasional out of town gig.  I work frequently in the local Orlando convention market.

I'm also available to crew events, with specialized knowledge of audio, video (remote production and IMAG), and general lighting knowledge.

I work frequently with the Yamaha LS9-32 digital mixer

For stage monitors, I'm very fond of the Aviom personal mixing system.

It allows each musician to personalize his/her own in-ear monitor mix.  Different mixes can be stored and recalled quickly.  But for those who wish to leave the monitor mix to an audio engineer, I'm available as an A-2.


Unloading the trucks at the RNC Welcome Event
Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida:

FOH at the RNC


One of two main arrays at the RNC